NRL 2018

We were fist pumping when we were asked to help out with State of Origin again in 2018!

The message that we want to convey is the efficiency of fabric displays. All elements were used again in 2018.

Graphics were re-skinned to be in line with key messaging for 2018. This helps to keep overheads low and it’s also really good for the environment. Reusable branded solutions make good business sense (and sound environmental sense too).

We re-used the custom SMARTWiG Station which comprised of a 12 meter full printed fabric wall complete with a solid counter top. To increase visibility and branding, a 12 meter backing wall was integrated into the design to complete the look for the event and create a beautifully branded backdrop. The wall made it incredibly easy for game goers to find the SMARTWiG station due to its height and clear graphical print. A smaller SMARTWiG counter and backing fabric wall was also set up to guide spectators to the main SmartWig station.

The walls and counters have been used again in 2018; we are all about re-using and achieving longevity from your branded elements.

Project categories: Events

Fabstand displays
Fabstand displays

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