Buying an innovative inflatable display that can be used time and time again is a cost-effective way to make your message stand out in the crowd.

If you’re participating in an exhibition, inflatable display solutions can make your stand eye-catching, memorable and a cut above the rest.

Also perfect for conferences, pop up shops, kiosks, events, roadshows, entrance features and reception areas, our inflatables will welcome your visitors and clients and get them talking.

Choose from a range of specialist products, with quick assembly from easy-to-store flatpack to fully inflated in just a matter of seconds.

Popular Exhibition Inflatable Display Solutions

For a seat that’s also a talking point, check out our pop up air inflatable bench. This strong, durable and easy to inflate and deflate bench is also customisable to suit your changing needs.

The triangular inflatable counter is not only sturdy enough to sit on but is backlit to create a real impact at any event. Fully inflated and ready to use within 15 seconds, it can be customised with a variety of counter tops to suit your company’s look. Its triangular shape means it fits neatly into corners or can be positioned anywhere for a big and bold impression.

Our circular inflatable counter boasts all the attributes above, but in a cylindrical shape. Eye-catching, versatile and a useful tool for any situation, the inflatable counter works brilliantly for product launches, promotional displays and exhibition counters – in fact, any event where you want to be noticed.

The rectangular inflatable counter and square inflatable counter are ideal for exhibition events. With a shape and design to suit you, their flat-pack style, easy inflation and one-touch deflation details mean they are always on hand to make your event a success.

Eye-Catching Inflatable Displays

To make the ultimate statement, try one of our inflatable towers. Available in square and circular options, they make an impressive addition to any event. Placed in your reception area or at your event welcome area, they will let your clients and colleagues know that you mean business! Easy to flat pack and store in a carry bag and inflating in under one minute, they are the ideal high-impact solution that takes up so little of your space and time.

Our inflatable walls are high visibility solutions for getting your message across loud and clear. Providing a double-sided display backlit by LEDs, your business branding and message are sure to be noticed. Easy to store flat and quick to inflate, our walls are a winner for any business event.

When space is tight but you still need a striking display, check out our mini circular inflatable counters. As eye-catching as their full-size version, these mini counters can be used for a variety of uses including as a welcome counter or side table at your event.

To complete our range of inflatables, take a look at our canopy tent. The ideal solution for outdoor events, this versatile and easy-to-use tent has a multitude of uses anywhere you need a portable and reliable shelter.

With over 25 years’ experience in breaking the mould when it comes to design and production, you can trust us to translate your ideas into innovative displays that are impactful and easy to use. Get in touch to discuss your unique needs.