Design based solutions

Design, creativity and client driven solutions for all types of branded environments. Constantly striving to better your event experiences

Special events and confrences


Covering every type of event imaginable.
We are constantly reimagining how to deliver events,
we want your experience to be our trademark.
Re imagine the possibilities.

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Exhibition and Display Stands


We have spent over 25 years innovating the design and delivery of trade show displays and exhibition stands all over Australia and throughout the world. With a focus on form and function, our solutions will reimagine how you get to reuse your properties into multiple other solutions, be it showrooms, popups, roadshows, conferences, with modularity being pivotal.

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Retail and Pop-up


We create branded environments based on your requirements for your exhibitions, conferences, pop ups, retail shop, kiosk, roadshow, demo kits, special events, reception areas POP or media launches. We love challenges, so talk to us about your specific needs. Event organisers, PCO’s, exhibitors, exhibit houses, event producers, production companies, audio visual companies and corporate clients have all come to love Fabricated’s solutions and creativity for enabling them to create their perfect environment.

Why Fabricated?

We’re a family run business that has been doing this for over 30 years.

We looked at traditional tradeshows and got fed up with the old methods of building a stand just to rip it down the day after the event. We decided to reinvent the wheel. Fast forward 10 years and we’ve pioneered a new space of re-usable, lightweight, inflatable, and backlit products.